Upon completing a range of small hands-on commissions to critical acclaim (Young Architect of the Year Award 2002, Hot Dip Galvanizing Award 2002) founding partners Eva Castro and Holger Kehne got invited to teach as Diploma Unit Master at the Architectural Association (2002-2010).

Combining conjecture with pragmatism, Diploma Unit 12 pursued an engagement with the currents and flows that determine the organization, development and occupation of space, on the formation of nodes from within complex networks and fields. Expanding the discipline through digital tools and and the engagement with responsive urbanism and landscape led to several large-scale academic studies and competition projects and subsequently to the founding of sister company, the Landscape Urbanism collective GroundLab, bringing together experts from a broad range of disciplines to address the complexities of contemporary urban challenges.

In the meantime, Plasma Studio completed a varied oeuvre from experimental interior projects such as Hotel Puerta America, Madrid (2005), to an engagement with topography and strong local vernacular traditions as in many buildings completed in the Dolomite area of Northern Italy, where a branch- led by partner Ulla Hell- was opened in 2003.

A pronounced shift in opportunities eastwards came with winning Longgang City masterplan and Xi’an World Expo in 2008, sparking the establishment of the Beijing office. Working in China meant expanding in scale: In 2011 Xi’an Expo became a key project for Plasma and GroundLab: A 37ha park with 3 major buildings (Creative Pavilion, Guanyun Entrance and Green House) enabled both practices to articulate a radical and visionary integration of architecture and landscape. This expertise has bred a wide range of projects in China and Europe such as a new Mobility Centre for San Candido, Italy to be built in 2015.